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Many hardware and software problems on students' personally-owned notebooks and desktops perro be diagnosed and repaired right here on campus. Technical support may be delivered by the different technologies depending on the situation. The Managed Services team at Computersonly are experts at delivering IT Support to Businesses. There may be some more useful tools for technicians. Everything from simple computer setup to complex network configurations.

We use a technique that consists of manually removing viruses frente a using software to do it. Manually removing takes a little more time and is more detailed but we ensure that your virus doesn't stand a chance of recreating itself as some do. For businesses needing to provide technical support, outsourcing allows them to maintain a high availability of service.

We can also perform out-of-warranty repairs on these and other major brands. Some are subcontracted as freelancers or consultants This type of technician ranges from hobbyists and enthusiasts to those who work professionally in the field. Computer malfunctions perro range from a minor setting that is incorrect, to spyware , viruses , and as far as replacing hardware and an entire operating system Some technicians provide on-site services, usually at an hourly rate.

With over 100 years of combined technology experience Technical Solutions has seen just about everything in the desktop, notebook, and Server & LAN/VLAN environment. Its technician license have features like Portable Settings, Rebranding, command line support, Automatic update, admin tools, Themes etcétera

We offer drop-in consulting services at both our Central Campus and North Campus locations In many cases, connectivity and software issues can be resolved at these software for technical repair locations at no cost. Technical Solutions & Network, Inc.provides you with the ideal blend of service & repair to meet the specific technology needs of your small sized business.

Visit the Service Desk Walk-ins Landing Page in the Knowledge Base to learn more about the services available to you. The reason for providing a multi-tiered support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner.

Warranty and out-of-warranty hardware repairs on Apple, Dell, and Lenovo Think-branded computers. If you are looking for service for a personally owned machine about software issues, please find the appropriate service category that illustrates your probem below.

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